How Minimalism Can Lead You to Find More Gratitude

How minimalism can lead you to find more gratitude

As I mentioned in my reasons to love minimalism post, embracing minimalism greatly increased my feelings of contentment and gratitude. The more I decluttered and embraced a life with less, the more gratitude and appreciation I felt for what was left filling my life. Both tangible and intangible things. As I let go of the excess from my life, I began to appreciate and feel grateful for everything that was left. Over time, I have realized minimalism has been one of the most important ways I’ve increased my feelings of gratitude. Minimalism helps us decide what is most important to us […]

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How to Find the Perfect Version of Minimalism for You

How to find the perfect version of minimalism for you

I’ve already talked about how your version of minimalism will be unique and personal to you. Your version of minimalism won’t necessarily look like another person’s version of minimalism. And that’s ok! It’s perfect in fact. Minimalism is not about following someone else’s rules or way of living as a minimalist. It’s about figuring out what is important to you, and getting rid of everything that’s distracting you from the important stuff. Whatever you decide is important to you will be personal and unique to you. So of course, your version of minimalism will be unique to you too! There […]

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