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Welcome to Simple Lionheart Life! This is a place to find inspiration, encouragement and practical advice to simplify, minimize and declutter your home and life. Simplifying lets you get rid of the things that are stealing your time, and focus on what matters to you most!

You can read more about me and my journey here.

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If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by too much stuff in your life, you’re in the right place. I want to help you declutter and minimize your life to create a simpler and more intentional life. Check out these posts to help get you started:

  1. What is Simple Living – My Vision for a Simpler Life
  2. Why I Became a Minimalist – My Story of Life with Less
  3. What is Minimalism? Plus 8 Things it’s NOT
  4. The Best Trick to Purge Your Closet + 6 Questions to Help You Purge
  5. 12 Reasons We Keep Clothes We Don’t Wear & How to Move Past Them

Baby Loss: Start Here

I also share about our lives after losing our first child, Aiden, in 2010 when he was 19 days old.

Losing a baby or child has a huge impact on you, it changes everything. I know firsthand how heartbreaking it is. One thing I have learned is that losing a child is a very isolating and lonely experience. Connecting with other parents who have also lost a child is so valuable. It helps so much to know that you aren’t alone in your grief, and to know you aren’t going crazy.

In the early days after losing Aiden I often felt like I was losing my mind. Hearing other people’s stories and experiences gave me reassurance that what I was feeling was normal and I wasn’t the only person feeling this way. My hope is by sharing my experiences of life after losing Aiden, what I’ve learned along the way, and what I’m still struggling with, I can help a bereaved parent just like me, know they aren’t alone.

Start with these posts to read more about my journey since losing Aiden:

  1. Time Doesn’t Heal…But it Helps
  2. Contradictions of a Grieving Heart

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