How to Shop Your Closet for A New Outfit

How to shop your closet for a new outfit

Guest post by Elysha Lenkin Personal stylist, Elysha, is here sharing a great post about how to shop your closet for new outfit options. Learning to shop your closet is the perfect way to keep your wardrobe versatile and fresh. If you are looking to switch up your outfit options, without adding a bunch of new clothes to your wardrobe, Elysha’s post is just what you need! Elysha is a holistic stylist, meaning she helps people live well and look great while doing so. She’s put together a fantastic post to help you shop your closet for new outfit options. […]

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51+ Simple Date Night Ideas to Prioritize Quality Time with Your Partner

51+ simple date night ideas to prioritize quality time with your partner

Guest post by Sheila Price I’m excited to share a guest post written by my friend and fellow minimalist, Sheila of Practigal Blog. Sheila writes about simplifying your life so you can prioritize what matters most to you. Sheila’s blog is full of so many great posts, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Today, Sheila is sharing an awesome list of simple date night ideas, including ideas for going out or staying in! Sheila’s post is a great reminder that date nights and quality time spent with your partner don’t have to be complicated, expensive or difficult. Her suggestions for simple […]

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9 Mindsets I’ve Decluttered for a More Positive Life

9 Mindsets I've Decluttered for a More Positive Life

Decluttering the physical “stuff” you own is an important part of embracing a minimalist lifestyle. But minimalism actually goes far beyond decluttering the “stuff” you own. Truly embracing minimalism, and experiencing all the benefits that come with it, also includes decluttering certain mindsets, behaviours and thought patterns that keep you attached to things you own to begin with. Basically, these are things I’ve decluttered as a minimalist…that aren’t “things” at all! Here are 9 mindsets I’ve decluttered for a more positive life. The benefits of minimalism go beyond owning less I’ve experienced many benefits from decluttering and embracing a minimalist […]

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How to Start a Gratitude Practice to Make your Life Better

How to start a gratitude practice to make your life better

I’ve always heard of the benefits of practicing gratitude but had yet to really try it for myself. But now that I have decided to start a gratitude practice, I can’t believe I waited this long to try it! I thought I was already positive “enough”. But early this fall I began noticing myself feeling negative a lot. I was getting irritated and annoyed easily by little things. And just found a lot of negativity and complaining showing up in my thought patterns. My own decision to start a gratitude practice I decided I had enough of getting sucked into […]

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How to Easily Handle Gifts as a Minimalist Family

How to easily handle gifts as a minimalist family

It’s the time of year where the holiday season is about to kick into high gear. One of the biggest concerns people who are decluttering and embracing a minimalist lifestyle have is how to easily handle gifts during the holidays and on birthdays. Especially if you have kids who are lucky enough to have many people who love them and buy them gifts. I want to help alleviate some of your concerns about gifts undoing all of your hard work decluttering. With a few simple strategies it’s easy to avoid gifts overwhelming you during the holidays or on birthdays. 5 […]

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Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for a Simple Holiday Season

Clutter-free Gift Ideas for a Simple Holiday Season

The giving and receiving of gifts is part of the holiday season for many of us. While giving and receiving gifts can be a lot of fun, it can also be a source of stress sometimes too. Especially if you are in the process of decluttering or are already living a minimalist lifestyle. But I’m here to help, with a huge list of clutter-free gift ideas for you and everyone on your list! Why buy clutter-free gifts? If you are decluttering and embracing minimalism, you are probably becoming more aware of how much clutter you had. As well as becoming […]

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40 Awesome Clutter-Free Gift Ideas for Kids

40 Awesome Clutter-free Gift Ideas for Kids

With the holidays approaching it’s easy to feel a little anxious about the influx of gifts you know are coming, especially if you have kids. If you’ve living a minimalist lifestyle or are in the process of decluttering your home, the idea of holiday gifts can feel a little troubling. You’re working hard to clear the clutter and embrace a life with less. The last thing you want is to have all your hard work undone in a few hours on Christmas morning. But fear not! There are easy ways to navigate holiday gifts as a minimalist family. This is […]

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How to Live Intentionally When You Feel Drained

How to Live Intentionally When You Feel Drained

Guest post by Mia Danielle I’m pleased to share a guest post with you today from fellow blogger and minimalist Mia Danielle. Mia writes about living an intentional, minimalist life with a family on her blog. I’m excited to have her at Simple Lionheart Life sharing tips for how to live intentionally when you feel drained. Mia offers great tips and strategies for coping through times where you feel drained, but still want to live intentionally. I’ve shared before how much minimalism has helped me cope as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). And I’ve received so many comments and emails from […]

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How Minimalism Can Lead You to Find More Gratitude

How minimalism can lead you to find more gratitude

As I mentioned in my reasons to love minimalism post, embracing minimalism greatly increased my feelings of contentment and gratitude. The more I decluttered and embraced a life with less, the more gratitude and appreciation I felt for what was left filling my life. Both tangible and intangible things. As I let go of the excess from my life, I began to appreciate and feel grateful for everything that was left. Over time, I have realized minimalism has been one of the most important ways I’ve increased my feelings of gratitude. Minimalism helps us decide what is most important to us […]

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How to Find the Perfect Version of Minimalism for You

How to find the perfect version of minimalism for you

I’ve already talked about how your version of minimalism will be unique and personal to you. Your version of minimalism won’t necessarily look like another person’s version of minimalism. And that’s ok! It’s perfect in fact. Minimalism is not about following someone else’s rules or way of living as a minimalist. It’s about figuring out what is important to you and getting rid of everything that’s distracting you from the important stuff. Whatever you decide is important to you will be personal and unique to you. So of course, your version of minimalism will be unique to you too! There […]

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