Decluttering Questions: Questions to help you declutter more effectively

Decluttering Questions - questions to help you declutter more effectively

Decluttering your home is hard work, physically, mentally and emotionally. Some items are easy to decide what to do with. But it’s not always so clear. I’ve put together a list of decluttering questions to ask yourself if you’re struggling with decluttering, need to clarify for yourself if you should keep an item or get rid of it, or if you simply want to make your decluttering go deeper and be more effective. Sometimes it can help to have another person helping you declutter to ask the questions that can be hard to answer. Once you answer them, it becomes […]

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Simplify Meal Planning: An easy way to meal plan on auto-pilot

Simplify Meal Planning - an easy way to meal plan on auto-pilot

The thing about simplifying and creating a simpler life is it isn’t always simple. It seems strange to say, but in order to simplify your life in the long term, it often requires some planning, forethought and intention in the short term. A perfect example of this is with meal planning. Having a meal plan in place makes life so much simpler and more efficient. However, it does require some planning ahead of time in order to be effective and make your life easier. Why Meal Plan? Having a meal plan in place goes a long way to make our […]

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The Minimalist Mindset Shift – 9 Ways Minimalism Changes The Way You Think

The Minimalist Mindset Shift: 9 ways minimalism changes the way you think

Minimalism is more than decluttering and simplifying alone. While those are important parts of the minimalist journey, truly embracing minimalism involves shifting the way you think to a minimalist mindset. Minimalism is about committing to owning less, rather than decluttering more often. It is about changing your view of what you own and why you own it. This minimalist mindset shift happens gradually and subtly, in small ways, until one day you look around and realize your relationship with “stuff” has changed. You have a different viewpoint. Your journey towards and through minimalism has changed your mindset, in what I like to […]

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Minimalist Closet Makeover – An Intentional Celebration of Space!

Minimalist Closet Makeover - An Intentional Celebration of Space

Wrapping up my closet decluttering and capsule wardrobe series, I want to end with a fun post and share my recently completed minimalist closet makeover! Minimalist Closet Makeover **This post contains affiliate links. That means if you purchase something through my links, I receive a small commision, at no extra cost to you. This helps cover the costs of running Simple Lionheart Life. I only recommend products I use and love. Thank you for your support! Click here to read our full disclosure policy.** One of the most unexpected results of creating a capsule wardrobe was the change it made […]

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