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10 Benefits of Living a Simple Life

10 Benefits of Living a Simple Life

There are so many benefits of living a simple life. And in today’s post, I’m sharing some of my favourites.

Reading about the benefits of living a simple life is a great way to get and stay motivated to simplify your own life. Reminding you why it matters and what you stand to gain.

What is simple living?

Clearing the clutter from your home is one part of living a simpler life. But fully embracing a simple life goes beyond just simplifying the stuff in your home. It’s about making intentional choices to simplify your life as a whole.

Simplifying your home and your space. But also simplifying your schedule and how you spend your time. Simplifying your routines and how you approach the work and tasks you need to do each day. And finally, it’s about slowing down and embracing a slower, simpler, less busy life in general.

A life where you clear the clutter, distractions and busyness so you have more time, space and attention to enjoy and do the things that matter most to you.

Benefits of living a simple life

When you take this holistic approach to simplify your life, there are a variety of benefits you can start to experience. And that’s what today’s post is all about!

The benefits of living a simple life and how they can impact your life in a positive way.

Keep reading for some great inspiration, motivation and encouragement to embrace a slower, simpler life!

1. More time for what matters most

When you reduce the distractions, the clutter and the busyness in your life, you give yourself more time, space and energy for what matters most to you.

Whether that’s your work, a hobby or activity you love, the relationships that mean the most to you, etc. Whatever it is, simplifying your life gives you more time to focus on what you love and what matters most to you.

2. Less stress

Less to manage, take care of and keep up with all helps to reduce stress in your life. Reducing your workload and mental load.

It’s letting go of what’s less important and keeping what’s most important. And when you do that, you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress from your life too.

Choosing to embrace a simpler life means focusing less on the “should dos” and getting clear about what matters most instead. Then choosing to reduce, remove or eliminate the “shoulds” so you have more space in your life to focus on what matters.

In addition, embracing a simpler life often leads to buying less “stuff” and buying more intentionally. Simply because you want to keep your home simplified because of the benefits it brings.

Buying less and being more intentional with your purchases can also lead to less financial stress, another great way to reduce stress levels overall.

3. Less mental clutter

Having less to manage, take care of, keep up with, keep track of, etc. also means you reduce your mental load and reduce mental clutter.

Life can feel less overwhelming and chaotic when you reduce the number of things, commitments, obligations, tasks, etc. that you are required to take care of and keep up with.

And instead, you create a life with fewer things to manage and take care of. Giving yourself more time and space to hear and process your thoughts and feelings. As well as remember, keep track of and keep up with the important things that truly matter in your life.

You’ll like be less distracted as well with less to manage, keep up with and remember. Helping to improve your focus and concentration as well!

4. More clarity about what matters most

One of the greatest benefits of living a simple life is the clarity it gives you.

The more you simplify, the more you clear away the clutter and the distractions (both literal and figurative). And the more you identify and clear the clutter and distractions, the more opportunity you have to clarify what truly matters most to you.

You put less pressure on yourself to do it all, have it all, keep up with it all, etc. And instead, start pinpointing and clarifying for yourself what matters most. Gaining more awareness of who you are, what your values, goals and priorities are and what kind of life you want to live.

And the more awareness you gain of who you are as a person, the more confidence you gain in who you are. As well as confidence in the choices you’re making and the way you’re choosing to live.

You know who you are and what matters most to you. And may find you compare your life less to other people’s simply because you recognize you have different goals, values and priorities.

5. Benefits to your physical health

Simplifying your life also positively impacts your physical health.

Taking steps to reduce the stress you feel in your life is a great way to better support your physical health. As studies show that prolonged exposure to elevated stress levels can impact your health. Including your heart function, your mental health, digestion, memory and more.

But simplifying your life can also impact your health in other ways. For example, a clutter-free bedroom can help you sleep better.

It also gives you more time in your days to focus on things that support your health, like giving you more time to exercise, focus on eating better and do activities to calm your body and mind.

6. Improved relationships

One of the biggest benefits of a simple life is the way it frees up your time for what matters most. And having more time for what matters to you can impact so many areas of your life.

The positive impact simplifying can have on your relationships is another example.

The more time you have for the people you love, the deeper and more meaningful your relationships can become.

7. More gratitude

When you’re less bogged down by clutter, busyness and distractions, you have more time and capacity for gratitude. To appreciate the good already filling your life. Giving you more time and space to notice and appreciate it.

Simplifying is about removing the clutter and distractions, leaving the things that matter most to you. And when you are highlighting what matters most in your life, you often feel more gratitude for the life you’re creating. Simply because you’re creating a life filled with what matters most to you.

8. More focus & creativity

Living a simpler life often focuses on having less to do, rather than getting more done.

Instead of looking for the next productivity hack to let you squeeze it all in, you start looking for what you can remove to make life easier to keep up with. The more you remove, the more time you gain. And the more time you gain, the less rushed and busy you need to be.

You might be able to do less multi-tasking trying to get it all done. And instead, do more focused, single-tasking. Not only making your tasks feel less frantic and stressful but also allowing you to focus more and be more intentional with what you’re doing.

Having more time in your days also gives you more opportunities for creativity, creative problem solving and creative thinking. It’s hard to be creative when you’re too busy or stressed to slow down and pay attention to your creative ideas!

9. Reduces your environmental impact

Living a simpler life can also help reduce your environmental footprint.

As I said earlier, embracing a simpler life often focuses on owning less and buying less to maintain a simpler home and lifestyle. When you own less and buy less, you’re consuming less and producing less waste. Maybe even focusing on maintaining and repairing what you already own, rather than always discarding and buying new.

A great example of this is in your wardrobe. When embracing a simpler life, you might focus less on buying new, trendy clothes and instead focus on wearing what you already own. Reducing your consumption, waste and environmental impact.

10. More happiness

And finally, one of my favourite benefits of living a simple life is the happiness it adds to life.

When living a simpler life there is less rushing, less stress, less busyness and instead more time for what you love and what matters most to you.

There’s time for the people you love. Time for the activities and hobbies you enjoy. Less pressure to keep up with everything and instead choosing to only keep up with the things that matter to you.

It’s a life where you focus on creating a life you love. A life that feels fulfilling and purposeful to you. Not one where you try to keep up with everyone else or live by someone else’s rules. And a life that aligns with what matters most to you and your values, goals and priorities is a life that feels good. A life with more space to be happy!

Benefits of living a simple life

I hope today’s post will inspire you to create a simpler life that focuses on what matters most to you!

I’d love to know, which of these benefits are your favourite or are the things you’re most looking forward to experiencing as you continue to simplify your life. Leave a comment below and let me know!

10 Benefits of Living a Simple Life
Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

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