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The Best Fountain Pens for Journaling

The Best Fountain Pens for Journaling

I’m excited to share a wonderful roundup of the best fountain pens for journaling from the experts at Goldspot with you today!

I love using fountain pens for journaling. It’s another way I make the experience of journaling feel more creative, special and enjoyable. But I am far from an expert when it comes to fountain pens.

If you’re interested in using fountain pens in your journaling practise, but aren’t sure where to start, today’s post is for you! You’ll find a great roundup of the best fountain pens. Giving you a great place to start and some knowledge to know what to look for when choosing a fountain pen.

The Best Fountain Pens for Journaling

The right pens may greatly influence your journaling experience.  Some pens are great for drawing exact lines or writing in spots with minimal spacing, while others add colorful touches to your pages.

You’ll discover the best journaling fountain pens for different styles, producing fascinating page spreads, and adding beautiful embellishments to each of your notebook pages.  Whether you are looking to spend big and get an alternative to the Mont Blanc pens or want a beginner fountain pen for journaling, you’ve come to the right place.

One of the key factors of fountain pens are their nibs. This is the metal point at the end of the pen which distributes the ink onto your journal.  The nibs of the pens come in a variety of sizes. If you are a fountain pen user, you may have noticed they are prone to bleed or shedding. Yikes! To avoid this, we have compiled a list of the finest journaling fountain pens that will reduce these effects on your notebook and assist you in creating a beautiful and practical journal that is completely unique to you.

Pilot Metropolitan

Best fountain pens for journaling - pilot metropolitan

The Pilot Metropolitan is a popular journaling fountain pen primarily because of its nib size. It is unquestionably an investment that provides class and efficiency on a budget.

The pen has an excellent feel since it is not ostentatious and is made of metal. The only element you might not appreciate about this pen is that it occasionally leaks. Because it’s thinner, it writes a little scratchy, making it unsuitable for heavy-handed writers.

It isn’t classified as an extra fine, but it writes like one. This is due to the fact that Pilot is a Japanese model, and Japanese fountain pen nibs are typically produced thinner than American or European nibs.

This fountain pen is fun because it comes in various limited editions too.  There’s a new Retro Pop version that I love!

Pelikan M205

The appealing Pelikan M205 feels robust yet not weighty in your palm. Its weight is well balanced with its tiny size, making it easy to use while retaining precision.

The Classic M205 is just hefty enough to be tough while being elegant and light enough to fit smaller hands and gentler writing styles.

The Pelikan M205 nibs are made of gold-plated steel. There are extra-fine, fine, medium, and wide widths available. It doesn’t cost you a lot to have more than one nib, but if you can only afford one, acquire a fine one. It has a little flex and may provide thin strokes with typical handling and fuller strokes with pressure.

Ballograf Epoca P Ballpoint Pen

The elegant appearance of the Ballograf Epoca P Ballpoint Pen will suit any journaling style. Its low price allows one to rationalize purchasing a few various body colors, and its design is both durable and lightweight.

The ink on an Epoca dries quickly and remains readable for a long time due to its acid-free and fade-resistant properties.

Each pen is equipped with enough ink to draw an 8,000-meter stripe. The pens come with blue ink, but they are designed in such a manner that they can be changed to another color and refilled.

The only thing you might not like about this pen is that it makes a small click when quickly taken from the page—but they’re a unique yet traditional durable pen.

Pilot Falcon

The Pilot Falcon is a fountain pen legend. It is well known for its 14k gold soft rhodium-plated nib, which creates line variation when writing pressure is changed.

The suppleness of the nib allows for use in daily writing without having to bend it out. If you do want to show off-line variety, simply increase your writing pressure on the downstrokes.

It can produce noticeable line variation, but you may not want to overdo it, so be mindful of how far you are pressing it when you bend the nib tines.

You can find an amazing review here where Ken Cooker examines this famous fountain pen, looking at the nib and how it writes.

Great Writers

The great writers’ pens are one of the most dependable and renowned journaling pens. And for good reason: the pen skims across the page, making beautiful, crisp lines.

These pens are pigment-rich,  fade-resistant, waterproof, and do not leave streaks on most paper forms. The ink remains on the upper layer of the paper and doesn’t seep through, resulting in no bleed-through.

The pens are ideal for delicate precise linework when accuracy is essential.

Lamy Safari

Best fountain pens for journaling - Lamy Safari

The Lamy Safari is such a workhorse and all-purpose pen that is ideal for bullet journaling. For a low price, this elegant pen provides quality and a nice feel.

The Lamy Safari also features a lovely clip design that fits snugly on the elastic band of a normal dot grid notebook.

It also features an ink glass so you can check how much ink is left. Because the pen is made of plastic, it is also quite light to take anywhere.


TWSBI is one of the greatest fountain pen brands available, particularly considering the price. The extremely fine nib is silky and does not scratch.

The Eco also features a transparent body to readily see your ink color and level. It features the highest ink capacity of the bunch, making it a dependable everyday carry.

Unlike fountain pens that utilize converters, you’ll be able to write for a long time between ink refills. The main drawback is that you probably won’t be able to use an ink cartridge and will have to purchase a separate ink bottle.

Moonman C1

The Moonman Pen is an excellent choice if you want a pen that is as sleek as it is useful. It’s a nice, classic, one-of-a-kind, and appealing small pocket pen. The transparent acrylic body with a corresponding ink filling is stunning.

This fountain pen is tiny and compact, and it can be reloaded with a converter or cartridges. Furthermore, the clear acrylic body of the pen allows you to see exactly how much ink is remaining.

The C1 is a more advanced model of the M2. It uses higher quality acrylic resin in this model, and the grip area is built of colorful celluloid, which may vary from time to time due to the random nature of the colors.

Platinum Preppy

The Platinum Preppy pen is one of the greatest fountain pens available!  It has a history of smooth writing, at a surprisingly low price. The set costs less than $50 and includes seven disposable pens.

The colored clip,  body, and feed of this pen match the ink within, allowing you to identify the proper color with a single glance. The nib size is also written on the cap’s top to assist you in selecting the correct size.

The Platinum Preppy features a proprietary “Slip and Seal” cap design, which prevents the nib from drying out after a year or more of inactivity. This makes it excellent for first-time fountain pen users and those who swap pens regularly.

Lamy 2000

The Lamy 2000 has a sleek, contemporary style. The pen’s simple design is often overlooked, yet it is built with precision and excellent tolerance.

Fountain pen purists who are prepared to spend a little more for a touch of gold love this pen. It is relatively more expensive than most pens in this article.

It’s a touch heavy, but it’s not at all cumbersome. In reality, it’s rather light, and it really heats up in your palm as you continue writing.

The pen must be one of the finest writers on the market. Its 14k gold nib slides over the paper with ease. The stainless steel grip portion adds weight to the pen’s front end.

Kaweco Classic Sport

The Kaweco Classic Sport Pen is made in Germany and features the same octagonal form as the classic Kaweco Pen from 1935. Its compact, travel-friendly size of 4.1 inches when closed, ideally fits in your palm reinforcing the brand’s tagline, “small in the pocket, wonderful in the hand.”

Its superb steel nibs allow for simple handwriting with no scratchiness. Although the nib sizes range from fine to double-wide, the small and medium sizes enable you to write effortlessly.

Beiluner Luxury Fountain Pen

If you appreciate pens with exquisite eye-catching finishes, the Beiluner Luxury fountain pen should be your go-to journaling pen. It features a silver stainless steel body with distinctive trims and an exceptional 24k gold plated nib.

Another advantage of this pen is that it has a bigger ink capacity than other pens. In comparison to other converters, the converter can contain around 0.85ml of ink. This will last you for extended durations of writing.

It is light and suitable for both right and left-handed writers. The medium-sized nib provides ideal ink flow for clean, even strokes. The lid fits snugly and won’t fall off.

Sailor 1911

Sailor 1911

The Sailor 1911’s sleek style makes it difficult to ignore, but there’s more to it than that. They are exquisitely constructed and stand alone as works of art.

The Sailor 1911 Large is an ergonomic pen that will comfortably suit all but the biggest hands. It is not heavy because it is constructed of resin, and it may be too light for individuals who like heavier pens.

It produces wide, rather crisp down strokes as well as very delicate side strokes. It’s fairly wet, which is great for a lefty overwriter who needs a wetter flow.

In Conclusion

The beauty of fountain pens is that you may choose one to suit your needs regardless of your budget or writing style. So, take the plunge and explore a whole new world of writing opportunities.

I am certain that you will better enjoy your journaling with these pens!

The Best Fountain Pens for Journaling
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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Sunday 28th of April 2024

What might be more helpful than an article with affiliate links to expensive pens is a review of which fountain pen inks work well with your average journal. Generally using a fountain pen requires high quality paper or you end up with bleed through or feathering. Are there any inks that can let you use fountain pens in journals you find on Amazon or at Target? Or are fountain pens only for really wealthy people who can afford paper from Tomoe River or Clairfontaine pads?

Simple Lionheart Life

Monday 29th of April 2024

I use my fountain pens in my regular journal (purchased from Chapters here in Canada) and haven't had any trouble. I can't recommend any journals specifically, sorry!

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