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10 Great New Books About Minimalism & Simplifying Life

10 Great New Books About Minimalism & Simplifying Life

In today’s post, I’m sharing 10 great new books about minimalism and simplifying life.

Most of the books are relatively newly published books about minimalism, decluttering and simplifying that I really enjoyed. Some have been out for a few years, but are new to me. And a few are books I haven’t read yet but am planning to read soon!

If you’re on a journey to simplify your home and life, I find it so helpful to read encouraging and inspiring words from others on the same path. Not only does it help remind you of the benefits of simplifying your home and life. But it also helps you see you’re not alone in the struggles and challenges that come up along the way.

If you’re looking for some new books about minimalism and simplifying, I hope this list will give you a few ideas!

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10 Great New Books About Minimalism & Simplifying Life
Photo by Asal Lotfi on Unsplash

10 Great Books About Minimalism & Simplifying Life

In no particular order, here are 10 new books about minimalism and simplifying I’ve enjoyed recently or am looking forward to reading!

1. Project 333: The Minimalist Fashion Challenge That Proves Less Really Is So Much More by Courtney Carver

I’ve previously shared how much I enjoyed Courtney’s previous book, Soulful Simplicity. I find her writing so inspiring as it reminds me how simplifying and minimalism are about so much more than just our stuff. It’s about clearing the clutter and distractions to create space in our lives for more of what matters most.

And Courtney’s new book, Project 333 did not disappoint. I absolutely love this book and here’s why.

While the focus of Project 333 is definitely on simplifying your wardrobe and experimenting with living with a 33 item capsule wardrobe. Courtney also clearly shows how simplifying your wardrobe is about so much more than just having fewer clothes.

In fact, simplifying your wardrobe is just the beginning. Having a simpler wardrobe is about decreasing stress and giving yourself more time and energy for what matters most in your life.

Of course, there are plenty of helpful, inspiring and encouraging tips and strategies in the book to help you simplify your wardrobe.

I really enjoyed the way Courtney encourages you to experiment with dressing with a simplified wardrobe. Giving you permission and a gentle nudge to step out of your comfort zone and just try it. Viewing it as an experiment and encouraging you to be open to trying it for a short period of time (3 months). Then noticing and paying attention to how it feels to dress with less during that time.

The book also includes the experiences of several different people who dress with a capsule wardrobe. This was really fun, interesting and relatable as it allows you to hear about what works for other people in different life stages, locations, careers, etc.

Overall, I highly recommend Project 333 if you’re looking for more encouragement and motivation to simplify your wardrobe. You’ll also get lots of inspiration about all the ways choosing less in your wardrobe impacts other areas of your life. Giving you encouragement to build a life that supports you and moves you towards your goals and what matters most to you, starting with your wardrobe.

2. Declutter Like a Mother: A Guilt-Free, No-Stress Way to Transform Your Home and Your Life by Allie Casazza

Allie is another well-known person in the minimalism/simplifying community. Her book, Declutter Like a Mother, is much like what Allie has come to be known for. Giving frank and realistic advice about how to declutter and why it matters.

Her book feels like a conversation with a friend. A friend who you can relate to, but has also found a better way to make life and motherhood easier and more enjoyable.

Declutter Like a Mother felt like a kick in the butt (in a good way!) to take action, clear the clutter and create a home that serves you. Rather than one you feel like you’re always serving.

My favourite part of Declutter Like a Mother is how Allie stresses the importance of setting an intention for each space before you start decluttering. Setting an intention helps you get clear about how you want the space to look, feel and function. Giving you clarity to guide your decluttering decisions as you get to work clearing the clutter.

Declutter Like a Mother is a great read for anyone looking for practical decluttering advice. As well as anyone looking for a clear reminder of the benefits of decluttering and why it matters.

3. Messy Minimalism: Realistic Strategies for the Rest of Us by Rachelle Crawford

Messy Minimalism is such a great book to inspire you to declutter, simplify and embrace minimalism on your own terms.

Rachelle is so funny and relatable. Sharing personal stories that make you feel not so alone if you’re struggling with clutter and mess in your home and your life.

Not only that, but Messy Minimalism makes minimalism feel accessible and doable. No matter how cluttered or messy your house is or where you’re starting from. Also reminding you that you can be a minimalist and still have a family (and all the mess that is a part of raising a family!).

I love how Rachelle focuses on taking control of your stuff and finding the version of minimalism that works for you and your family. It won’t always be tidy or perfect, but it will work for you and your family.

Messy Minimalism helps remind you that minimalism isn’t some elusive goal to chase based on some idealistic vision of minimalism you have in your head. Instead, minimalism is a tool that helps you on your journey of finding more peace in your life. In a beautifully imperfect, messy way.

There are plenty of practical tips and strategies to use as you’re simplifying and decluttering. As well as many reminders of why living with less matters and the benefits it can bring to your life.

Messy Minimalism is an empowering read for anyone who feels like mess and minimalism are mutually exclusive. Showing you through personal stories, humour and practical advice that minimalism isn’t about always having a tidy home, but rather a home that’s easily tidied. A home with space to live, enjoy and embrace the messy parts of life!

4. Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle With Stuff by Dana K. White

Although Decluttering at the Speed of Life isn’t a new book (it was published in 2018), it’s one that is new to me. And I’m so glad to have read it!

Decluttering at the Speed of Life is such a relatable, funny and down-to-earth book. Filled with practical strategies to help you declutter and simplify your home. While making steady, consistent progress.

Decluttering at the Speed of Life is particularly great if you have a lot of clutter to deal with, are struggling to get started or struggle to stay focused as you’re decluttering.

Dana offers some new strategies to help you work through your home systematically. Not letting a space you’ve already decluttered reaccumulate clutter in the meantime. As well as great tips to help you declutter without making a bigger mess.

There are so many great insights in this book to help you understand clutter, why you can’t keep up with it all and what your limits are when it comes to stuff in your home.

If you’re someone who loves collecting, sees the potential in everything or struggles to get rid of things, but at the same time feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in your home and know you need and want to declutter, Decluttering at the Speed of Life is a great book for you.

Even if you’re someone who’s well on your way to a simplified home, you’ll still get a lot out of Decluttering at the Speed of Life.

5. The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life by Joshua Becker

The Minimalist Home is also not a brand-new book, but one that I hadn’t read before.

Like all of Joshua Becker’s work, The Minimalist Home offers practical, down-to-earth and insightful advice to help you simplify and focus on what matters most.

Not only does The Minimalist Home offer practical guidance to help you declutter and simplify your home.

It also shares thoughtful insights about the bigger picture of minimalism and why it matters to simplify your home. Reminding you that minimalism is about more than just living with less. Instead, it’s about creating time and space in your life for the things that matter most to you.

My favourite part of The Minimalist Home was the section about being in maintenance mode after you’ve decluttered. He shares some great tips to help you build new habits to stay clutter-free once you’re done decluttering initially.

6. Enough: Learning to simplify life, let go and walk the road less travelled by Jessica Rose Williams

One book I’m really looking forward to reading next is Enough by Jessica Rose Williams.

Focused on living slowly in an intuitive, intentional, minimal and meaningful way, Enough sounds like a beautiful guide to creating a life you love. One focused on what matters most to you.

I’ve enjoyed following along with Jessica’s work for quite some time. She has a slow, quiet, graceful presence I really love. And Enough sounds like it will deliver more of the same.

Helping you clear the clutter from your home, your wardrobe and your mind to come back to who you are and what’s most important to you. Finding your place of enough in your home and life. And remembering you are already enough, just as you are.

Jessica answers the question, “What is enough?” by saying “Time enjoyed slowly. Choices made intentionally. Life lived gracefully.” Which sounds lovely to me!

7. A Simpler Motherhood: Curating Contentment, Savoring Slow, and Making Room for What Matters Most by Emily Eusanio

Another book about minimalism and simplifying I’m really looking forward to reading is A Simpler Motherhood by Emily Eusanio.

You may know Emily on Instagram as Where she shares more about living slowly, simply and intentionally with a growing family.

A Simpler Motherhood is sure to deliver more of the same. Sharing practical tips and insights to help simplify your home, routines and mindset. The subtitle of the book reads, “Curating contentment, savoring slow, and making room for what matters most”. And I can’t wait to dive into it!

8. The Lazy Genius Way: Embrace What Matters, Ditch What Doesn’t, and Get Stuff Done by Kendra Adachi

Another book I’m really looking forward to reading is The Lazy Genius Way. While not specifically about minimalism or simplifying, I think it will definitely offer a lot of value on your journey to living more simply and intentionally.

The description of the book reads, “Embrace what matters, ditch what doesn’t, and get stuff done”. “Inviting you to live well by your own definition and equips you to be a genius about what matters and lazy about what doesn’t.”

I’m looking forward to reading more about how to focus on what matters most without letting all the “shoulds” keep you busy, distracted or trying to do it all!

9. Organizing for the Rest of Us: 100 Realistic Strategies to Keep Any House Under Control by Dana K. White

After reading Decluttering at the Speed of Life, and enjoying all the value it had to offer, I’m really looking forward to checking out Dana’s new book, Organizing for the Rest of Us.

The book promises practical and realistic tips and strategies to help you get organized and keep your home under control and running smoothly. I can’t wait to read it!

10. Things That Matter: Overcoming Distraction to Pursue a More Meaningful Life by Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker’s newest book sounds like another great resource for anyone looking to live more intentionally.

Rather than specifically focusing on minimalism, Things That Matter instead focuses on the bigger picture. Helping you live in a meaningful, intentional and purposeful way by overcoming the distractions of modern-day living.

I think Things That Matter will be great for anyone who has done the work to simplify their home, and now wants to use the time and space they’ve created in meaningful ways. Or for anyone who wants to remind themselves why simplifying matters and how it will impact their life in a positive way.

One more book I found helpful!

Although this next book isn’t specifically about minimalism or simplifying, I wanted to include it because so many of the principles shared in the book can be applied to building the habits of decluttering and maintaining a clutter-free home.

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear

Atomic Habits is an amazing resource about habits. How to make good habits, break bad habits and create lasting change in our lives by intentionally choosing our habits.

Again, while not specifically about minimalism, the information in Atomic Habits can definitely be applied to many aspects of the simplifying process. Including how to develop a decluttering habit. As well as how to develop habits to keep your home simplified, clutter-free, organized and running smoothly, without slipping back into old patterns and habits of accumulating and consumption.

If you’re looking for ways to build the habits you need to create and support a life that serves you well, Atomic Habits provides a wealth of information.

Books about minimalism & simplifying life

I hope you find this list of books about minimalism and simplifying helpful.

I’d love to know, have you read any of the books about minimalism and simplifying on this list? If you have, what did you think of them? Which were your favourites?

If you haven’t, are there any of these books about minimalism and simplifying you’re looking forward to reading? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Thursday 14th of April 2022

Hi, Melissa. I'm looking forward to reading, "Things That Matter" by Joshua Becker. Thanks for sharing. God bless you more!

Simple Lionheart Life

Tuesday 19th of April 2022

I'm looking forward to that one too! Thanks for reading :)


Sunday 10th of April 2022

I've read several of Dana White's books and enjoy them greatly!! She teaches you how to declutter without making more of a mess first which works much better for me!!! Her books really opened my eye's!!! You missed a book I LOVE and that's "MINIMAMLISTA" by Shira Gill!!! She takes you through each room decluttering, organizing and then decorating!! I think she has one of the very best chapters on decluttering and organizing your closet I've every read!!! This has truly helped me!!!! I'm now looking forward to reading the books "Things That Matter" and "Atomic Habits"!!!! Thank you for your reviews!!!

Simple Lionheart Life

Tuesday 12th of April 2022

Yes, I love Dana's strategy of decluttering without making a bigger mess. So helpful!

I haven't read Shira Gill's book yet, but I just looked it up and it looks awesome. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm definitely adding it to my list!

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