Contradictions of a Grieving Heart

Originally written in 2015 for Still Standing Magazine:   Our son Aiden would have turned five years old this month. It was a hard birthday for me this year. Not only is five years a big milestone, but I also felt a lot of emotional turmoil this year. I know that grieving is not a linear process and “grief bursts” are a normal part of the process. So I shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that this birthday was harder than some have been. But there was something different this year that took some time and reflection to come to […]

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Time Doesn’t Heal…But it Helps

Time Doesn't Heal...But it Helps - How the pain of losing a child changes with time

Originally written in 2013 for Still Standing Magazine:   Early after losing our son Aiden at 19 days old, I remember feeling very angry when I would hear ‘time heals all wounds’ or similar sentiments. I remember thinking, no amount of time will ever heal my broken heart. My child has died, his short life was filled with pain, suffering, surgery and hospitals. There was nothing I could do to make any of it better, nothing I could do to save him from it, nothing I could do to change the fact that he died. No amount of time will ever […]

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