Decluttering Tips: What to do about “just in case” clutter

Decluttering Tips: What to do about

Today’s post is all about how to handle “just in case” clutter. Those tricky items you find yourself hanging onto “just in case” you might use or need them someday. But in the meantime, are keeping you from fully decluttering your home and enjoying the benefits of simplifying! Does this sound familiar? If it does, you’re definitely not alone! Keeping stuff “just in case” you might need it someday, is one of the biggest obstacles many people face when decluttering their homes. “Just in case” clutter: focus on letting go, not holding on When you’re decluttering, the trouble is, if […]

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The Benefits of Decluttering: Why Less Can Be More!

The benefits of decluttering: why less can be more!

There are so many benefits of decluttering. From more time in your days and space in your home to getting better sleep at night! In today’s post, I’m sharing a huge list of the benefits you can experience by clearing the clutter from your home and your life. If you’re ever needing an extra boost of motivation to start decluttering or continue working to clear the clutter, you’ll find it here! These benefits of decluttering are available to anyone willing to put in the time and effort to clear the clutter and simplify their home and their life. I truly […]

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5 Incredible Benefits of Date Night at Home & How to Make it Happen!

5 Incredible Benefits of Date Night at Home & how to make it happen!

I’m excited to share a wonderful guest post today from the folks at Crated with Love. The post is all about how having a date night at home can be a great way to connect with your partner. And how to make those date nights at home happen! Not only are there plenty of ways to have a fun date night at home. But there are a lot of benefits of taking the time and making the effort to find ways to connect with your partner and have a date night. Even if you don’t leave the house! I hope […]

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Minimalist Living: It’s Not About Your Stuff

Minimalist Living: It's not about your stuff!

When I first started decluttering and simplifying our home, it was very much about our stuff. What we were keeping, what we were getting rid of, how much was enough, how much was too much, etc. But what I didn’t realize was that my journey into minimalist living would become about so much more than just our stuff. Simplifying went from an action I was taking to make life easier and became a lifestyle and a mindset that guides the way we live instead. Minimalist living usually starts with your “stuff” Many people’s journey towards minimalist living starts with a […]

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How to Wear Black Jeans: 10 items, 10 outfits

How to Wear Black Jeans: 10 items, 10 outfits

A small, simplified wardrobe can still be versatile and give you plenty of outfit options. In today’s post, I’m sharing an example of how a small wardrobe can be worn in a variety of ways by showing you 10 examples of how to wear black jeans. And the best part is these 10 different outfits, ranging from casual to business casual, are all made using only 10 items, including clothing and shoes! If you want to learn how to make the most out of your wardrobe and see how a small wardrobe can still give you plenty of options – […]

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How to Have a Simpler Christmas: 9 Ways to Keep Christmas Simple

How to have a simpler Christmas: 9 ways to keep Christmas simple

There’s no question that the holiday season can be a busy time of year. And sometimes all the extra stuff you feel you need to do, buy, show up for, etc. can make the holidays feel stressful, overwhelming or exhausting. But there are things you can do to have a simpler Christmas and make the holiday season less stressful and overwhelming. In today’s post, I’m sharing 9 things you can do to have a simpler Christmas. The holiday season doesn’t mean you have to end up broke, exhausted, stressed and waiting for it all to be over. Instead, making a […]

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7 Minimalist Gift Ideas to Simplify Gift-Giving

7 minimalist gift ideas to simplify gift-giving

Gifts are a big part of the holiday season for many of us. Giving gifts is a way many people express their love for others. But gifts don’t need to mean adding more “stuff” or clutter. In today’s post, you’ll find 7 minimalist gift ideas to help you simplify gift giving. So you can focus on showing your love for the people you care about, without adding clutter to anyone’s home! Minimalist gift ideas – not your typical gift guide! Buying gifts isn’t always easy. It can be hard to think of gift ideas people will appreciate, and not just […]

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How to Slow Down: 20 Simple Ways to Slow Down & Enjoy Life

How to slow down: 20 simple ways to slow down & enjoy life

Today’s post is all about how to slow down in a world that seems to get busier and move faster all the time. I’m sharing 20 simple and practical strategies you can start using today to help you slow down and enjoy life more. Why slow down? In a world that often feels more fast-paced, busier & more hectic than ever, it’s easy to get swept up in the feeling of needing to do more, just to keep up. But the trouble is, sometimes we spend so much time and energy trying to keep up and fit everything into our […]

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How to be More Productive at Home and Simplify Your Life

How to be more productive at home & simplify your life

In today’s post, I’m sharing 11 simple ways you can learn how to be more productive at home. These tips help you simplify your life so you can get the tasks at home done faster and easier, giving you more time and energy for living and enjoying your life! How to be more productive at home: work smarter, not harder I’ve always resisted the idea of “productivity hacks” or ways to increase your productivity at home. Simply because my goal in simplifying and embracing a minimalist lifestyle is to simplify my to-do list and the amount of time spent taking […]

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Minimalist Lifestyle Tips: 11 Simple Ways to Explore Minimalism

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips: 11 simple ways to explore minimalism

Minimalism sometimes gets a bad reputation as being cold, stark or too extreme. But minimalism as a lifestyle doesn’t have to be any of those things! In today’s post, I’m sharing 11 simple minimalist lifestyle tips to help you explore minimalism and start creating a version of a minimalist lifestyle that feels right for you! These minimalist lifestyle tips give you some suggestions of ways to begin exploring minimalism. They let you ease into a minimalist lifestyle by trying out a few ways to simplify your home and your life. This post contains affiliate links. Click here for our full […]

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