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Intentional Gift Ideas to Simplify Gift Giving

Intentional Gift Ideas to Simplify Gift Giving

Today I’m sharing a few intentional gift ideas you can use to help simplify gift giving. Helping you think of gift ideas the people you love will be able to use and appreciate, without adding unnecessary clutter to their homes!

Intentional gift ideas are not always easy to think of!

Giving gifts is one way many of us express love for the people we care about. Especially during the holiday season.

But gift giving isn’t always easy. More specifically, coming up with gift ideas that will be used, loved and truly appreciated isn’t always easy.

No one sets out to give a gift that won’t be used or loved, and eventually end up as another piece of clutter filling a person’s house. But unfortunately, sometimes it happens. Especially when you’re stuck for thoughtful and intentional gift ideas.

That’s what today’s post will help you with!

Intentional gifts ideas to simplify gift giving
Photo by Leone Venter on Unsplash

7 intentional gift ideas to simplify gift giving

I’m sharing a list of 7 intentional gift ideas. To help you not only think of great gift ideas for the people you love. But to also help you give gifts that will be used, loved and appreciated, rather than end up as clutter!

If you’re struggling with gift ideas for the people on your shopping list, keep reading for some thoughtful suggestions. Helping you think outside the box and give intentional gifts your loved ones will be delighted to receive!

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It’s not about the gift

Before we get into the gift ideas, I want to take a quick moment to remind you that in the end, the gift itself isn’t what matters most.

A gift is a physical expression of the love you feel for the people you care about. But gifts aren’t always necessary or mandatory to show the people you love that you care about them.

Instead of getting hung up trying to think of the “perfect gift” for each person on your list, remind yourself why you’re buying a gift, to begin with. To show the person you love and appreciate them!

And showing them that, doesn’t always need to be in the form of something you bought at a store.

It could be a home-cooked meal or treat. Or maybe a card with a thoughtful and heartfelt message written inside. Sometimes simply spending quality time together is more precious and appreciated than any gift you could give.

Gifts are only one way of expressing and demonstrating love. But not every important person in your life needs a gift to know you care about them.

I say all this as a friendly reminder to keep your focus on what matters: your relationships. Try not to worry so much about finding the “perfect” gift. And instead, focus on showing your love for the people you care about – whether that’s through a gift or not!

Today’s post will give you some thoughtful and intentional gift ideas to make it easier to think of gifts that will be appreciated. But always remember the physical gift is not really what’s most important!

Thoughtful and intentional gift ideas

With that said, let’s get to the gift ideas. Here are 7 thoughtful and intentional gift ideas to simplify your holiday shopping this year!

1. Consumable gifts

Consumable gifts are a great way to give thoughtful and intentional gifts, without adding any permanent or long-term “stuff” to people’s homes.

Simply put, consumable gifts are anything that can be consumed or used up over time.

The most common examples of consumable gifts are food and drink items. But it can also apply to other types of gifts that will be used up, like personal care products, art supplies, fresh flowers, etc.

And the best part about consumable gifts is it’s easy to customize gifts to each person’s individual interests, tastes and preferences. And is a great opportunity to treat the people you love to something they might not always buy for themselves.

Food and drink items could be things like a favourite wine, coffee or tea. The person’s favourite chocolates, treats or snacks. Or treat them to a food or drink item that’s a bit of a splurge that they may not normally buy for themselves.

But also think outside the box. Consumable gifts could be makeup the person loves and wears. Lotions, face masks or other personal care products. It could be candles or essential oils they love. It could be supplies for a craft or hobby they enjoy.

The possibilities are endless!

The great thing about consumable gifts is the better you know the person and pay attention to what they love, the easier it will be to give a consumable gift they will truly love and appreciate. And showing you’ve noticed and paid attention to what they love is a great way to make the person feel seen, noticed and valued.

2. Experience gifts

Another fantastic clutter-free and thoughtful gift idea is giving the gift of an experience.

Some examples of experience gifts include things like movie tickets, memberships or tickets to a museum or gallery, tickets or memberships to local attractions like the zoo, a concert or event, etc.

Experience gifts can also include passes for classes they enjoy like yoga, HIIT, crafts, etc. As well as things like gift certificates to get their hair done, a manicure or pedicure, a massage, or another special treatment.

Of course, the normal types of experiences you may give to the people you love may not be available or a safe option in the middle of everything going on in the world this year. But some of the typical experience gifts may still be available in your area.

But if not, with a little creativity, there are still options for experience gifts, even if they look a little different this year!

For example, you might be able to find online classes in a subject the person you’re buying for loves and is interested in. Maybe an art class, cooking class, photography class, yoga class, etc. Or gift tickets for a virtual event the person will enjoy.

Again, the better you know the person and the more you’ve paid attention to what they are interested in and enjoy, the more you’ll be able to choose an experience they will love and appreciate.

3. Gift certificates

At first, it may seem like gift certificates aren’t a great personalized or intentional gift idea. But with a little thought about what the person truly uses, needs and will appreciate, a gift certificate can end up being a very thoughtful and intentional gift.

Think about what the person is really interested in and enjoys. Then think of gift certificates you could give so the person can buy supplies, engage in a favourite activity, enjoy their favourite restaurant or coffee shop, etc.

You can also give gift certificates or money to go towards a long-term goal the person is saving for, such as a trip they have planned or a large purchase they plan to make.

Or give practical gift certificates if that’s what the person will appreciate most. Gift cards for groceries, gas, a meal planning service, etc. are practical options that could be a great way to make life easier for someone you love.

Gift certificates also make great intentional and clutter-free gifts when they are not focused on buying more “stuff”. But instead focus more on giving the person an experience (i.e. dining out, spa treatments, classes, etc.) or for something consumable they can enjoy.

Remember, the more you know about the person, the easier it will be to come up with an idea for a gift certificate they will use and appreciate.

But gift certificates also make great gifts if you don’t know a lot of details about the person’s interests and hobbies. A restaurant gift certificate, for example, is something that will likely be used and appreciated by just about anyone!

4. Usable gifts

Another great option for intentional gifts that won’t add clutter is giving useful items. If you know of something the person can use and will be useful for them, go for it!

Some of my favourite ideas are household items you know the person uses and loves. Or things that you use and love and think they will too.

For example, beeswax food wraps can make a lovely little gift the person can use. A reusable tote bag or shopping bag is another great idea. If the person loves gardening, give them a new pair of gardening gloves and a kneeling board. An avid baker might appreciate a new baking tool or baking supplies. A wine lover might love a basket of wines chosen specifically for them.

The options are endless. Simply think about what the person uses and enjoys and see if there is anything useful you could give them.

One of my favourite useful gift ideas is The Authenticity Calendar from Erica Layne of the Life on Purpose Movement.

I love that the calendar is re-usable year after year, and has a clean, modern design. But what I really love are the inspiring quotes for each day of the year. If you follow along with me on Instagram, you know how much I love inspiring, encouraging quotes. I even shared some of my favourites in this post!

The Authenticity Calendar is a great thoughtful gift that the person can not only use, but also get inspiration from daily!

The Authenticity Calendar sitting on a table with pumpkin and candle

5. Something they want

Another great way to give intentional gifts is to ask the person what they want. What better way to get something they will use, love and appreciate than to ask them exactly what they’d like!?

There might be something on their wish list they will be willing to share if you simply ask them.

If they don’t have a wish list, ask them if there is anything they’ve been thinking about buying or trying.

Are there any books they are wanting to read? To keep it clutter-free, encourage them to pass on the book to someone else when they’re done with it.

Is there a restaurant they’ve been wanting to try? A new favourite tea they’ve found recently? A lovely spa they’ve been to that they’d love to go back to?

If the person is a plant lover, plants can make great gifts as well.

6. Make a donation in their name

Another thoughtful gift idea is making a donation in the person’s name to a cause near and dear to their heart.

This is a great way to show your love, without needing to give any “stuff” at all. Particularly if the person has a specific cause or causes that are really important to them.

7. Give the gift of your time

Sometimes what people want most is quality time with the people they love. Rather than buying a gift, why not suggest spending some time together instead?

Planning a lunch date, an afternoon together, a day together, a weekend together or even a vacation together is a great gift idea. Not only will you be able to spend time with the person you care about. But you’ll also be able to make memories that will last much longer than most gifts will.

No matter your budget, big or small, finding ways to spend quality time with the people you love is always a wonderful idea!

7 intentional gift ideas to simplify the holidays

I hope this post gives you some ideas of how you can give intentional gifts to not only simplify the holiday season but also make the people you care about feel loved, valued and appreciated.

What’s your favourite intentional gift idea to show your love for the people you care about? Leave a comment and let me know so we can continue adding to this list!

Intentional gifts ideas to simplify gift giving
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

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Kathleen Morris

Sunday 22nd of November 2020

In this year of staying home, I've made special jams, jellies, and syrups to give(for ideas): fig, pear and port; peach amaretto; nectarine lemon verbena. Mostly fruit and flavors from my garden or neighbor's gardens. I've also picked up a locally made candle or two when I'm at the store. We can all use more light during this time of year! Especially those of us up north! Thanks for the ideas, Melissa; for those last few people on the list!

Simple Lionheart Life

Friday 27th of November 2020

What lovely ideas for intentional and meaningful gifts, Kathleen! I love all of them! Thank you for reading and for sharing your lovely gift ideas!

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