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Minimalist Closet Makeover – An Intentional Celebration of Space!

Minimalist Closet Makeover – An Intentional Celebration of Space!

Wrapping up my closet decluttering and capsule wardrobe series, I want to end with a fun post and share my recently completed minimalist closet makeover!

Minimalist Closet Makeover

Minimalist closet makeover - an intentional celebration of space

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One of the most unexpected results of creating a capsule wardrobe was the change it made in my closet. Of course, I knew there would be fewer clothes and more open space. But actually seeing and living with a closet that has empty space and room to breathe is amazing!

My closet became my “happy place”. I would walk into my closet and gaze lovingly at the empty room. The feeling of peace and simplicity it gives me is awesome.

Minimalist Closet Makeover - blank slate
My closet after I created my capsule wardrobe. It was lovely in its simplicity and room to breathe!

Seeing my closet so empty and peaceful, gave me the idea that I could take it a step further and treat my closet like a room, rather than just a storage space. I started thinking about using the empty space to display a few things I love and bring me joy. Which led me to create a minimalist closet makeover. Meaning, I not only kept the closet minimally filled and decorated, but I also celebrated and highlighted the empty space and simplicity in my closet.

Minimal and Meaningful

I realize the idea of decorating your closet may seem a little crazy. But creating a capsule wardrobe transformed my closet into this beautifully simple and minimal space I love. Simplifying my closet and wardrobe has had such a positive impact on my life I felt like I needed to celebrate this space with a minimalist closet makeover.

Of course, the last thing I wanted to do was FILL the beautifully, empty space with stuff, just for the sake of decoration. What I did want to do was intentionally add a few personal touches to my closet, in order to celebrate my work and journey towards simplifying.

Adding a few intentional items to make the space beautiful, practical and meaningful would help remind me WHY I’m simplifying and minimizing in the first place. Of course, I am not simplifying just for the sake of having a half-empty closet. I am simplifying in order to make time and space for what is most important to me. Getting rid of the things I don’t use or love in order to highlight and appreciate the things I do.

My closet is one of the first spaces I see every morning as I get dressed, and one of the last spaces I see at night when I get ready for bed. I love the idea of adding meaningful reminders of my intentions and priorities to the space.

Our closet is by no means big or fancy in anyway. In fact, it is quite small compared to many master closets by today’s standards. But I knew I could take this simple space, and turn it into something special. Something beautiful in its simplicity and minimalism. A celebration of space and simplicity!

An Intentional Celebration of Space

With this idea in mind, I set out to intentionally decorate and celebrate the empty space, breathing room and simplicity in my closet with a minimalist closet makeover.

Minimalist closet makeover - after
The end result of my minimalist closet makeover! Let me show you exactly what I did.

Because my closet was already so empty and simplified, I definitely didn’t need to add storage. While it used to be my tendency to look for ways to maximize the amount of storage in every nook and cranny, I don’t need any more storage in my closet. Simplifying has already left me with empty shelves.

However, as part of my minimalist closet makeover, I wanted to include a few personal and intentional decorative items to personalize the space and infuse meaning and purpose into it. Things that would remind me why minimizing and simplifying are so important in the first place. And things that will help keep me focused on living an intentional life, keeping my goals and purpose at the forefront of my mind.

After making my capsule wardrobe, all of my hanging clothes easily fit on the lower hanging bar in my closet. This left the upper section of my closet completely empty. I thought this made the perfect space to hang a picture with my current intention or mantra on it.

Minimalist Closet Makeover - all clothes on bottom bar
After creating my capsule wardrobe, all of my hanging clothes easily fit on the bottom hanging bar. This left the top portion of my closet entirely empty.

Inspirational Reminder: Only Love Today

At this stage of my life, my biggest and most important intention is to be a patient, kind and loving mother. Someone who is the safe place my kids can turn to, knowing they will always find love, acceptance and patience there.

However, patience is not one of my best qualities and does not always come easily for me. I can be quick to feel frustrated or angry, and controlling this part of my personality is one of my biggest challenges and goals as a mother. My goal is to be the kind of mother who remains calm and patient, even when my kids are pushing my buttons and driving me crazy. I want to bring more calm into our home, not add to the chaos.

Only Love Today

When I read Rachel Macy Stafford’s book “Only Love Today”, it hit me. That is what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to choose love, even when it’s hard or doesn’t come naturally to me. I am trying to choose love in this moment. Not worrying if I lost my patience and got frustrated with my kids yesterday. And not worrying about what will happen tomorrow. But setting my intention to choose to respond with love today, NOW, in this moment.

I have a choice about how I will respond when I feel frustrated or angry. Either I choose to respond with frustration and anger, or I choose love. This isn’t easy for me, but it’s very important to me. I need to constantly remind myself to choose love. And the more reminders I have, the better. Because this is my personal mission and intention, hanging it in my closet is the perfect place. I see it every morning as I start my day. It is my personal reminder to start my day with love and carry that love with me.

I made a quick print with the words “only love today” and put it in a frame I already had. I love that this reminder greets me every morning and reminds me to focus on choosing love and being the kind of mother I want to be.

Minimalist closet makeover - print hung
The first step of my minimalist closet makeover was hanging the “Only love today” print to inspire and remind me of my intention.

Jewelry Drop Zone

Aside from the print I hung, I wanted my minimalist closet makeover to keep my closet functional and practical. I realized if I put a small shelf above my lower hanging rod, it would create the perfect “drop zone” for the jewelry I wear on a daily basis.

I cut a piece of wood we already had down to size to fit the space. Then painted it using leftover trim paint we also had on hand. Installing it was simple. After resting it on the hanging bar support on one side and using a small piece of scrap wood on the other side to rest it on, I created a custom shelf without spending a dime!

Minimalist Closet Makeover - shelf installed
My minimalist closet makeover taking shape with the shelf installed above the hanging bar.

Necklace Dish

To create my jewelry drop zone, I had a ceramic plate that used to belong to my grandma. She used to keep it on her dresser to hold her jewelry. I love the idea that I have created the space in my closet to give it a special spot and use it to hold my jewelry. I was very close to my grandma and love to have this connection with her.

Minimalist closet makeover - jewelry plate
The ceramic plate I use to hold necklaces and bracelets.

Earring Dish

I decided to use another smaller ceramic dish specifically for earrings, so they wouldn’t get tangled in my necklaces or lost among larger pieces of jewelry.

Minimalist closet makeover - earring dish
The small ceramic bowl to hold earrings.

DIY Air Freshener

The last item I included on my shelf was a DIY air freshener to keep the closet smelling lovely. I’m quite sensitive to scents and didn’t want to have anything too overpowering or full of chemicals, so I made an air freshener myself to control the level of fragrance.

Minimalist closet makeover - air freshener
My DIY air freshener. I used chalk paint on a mason jar and decorative paper as the lid to make it decorative but still functional.

The air freshener was a really simple project, using a mason jar, baking soda and essential oils. It was quick and easy to make and keeps my closet smelling fresh with a light hint of fragrance.

Simple and Minimal

The shelf is not overly decorated or styled, but creates a functional “dressing table” of sorts in my closet, while maintaining the open, simple and minimal feel I want to keep.

Shoe Storage

The rest of the closet was mostly left as is. I did use two fabric bins to corral my shoes for this capsule. Keeping my shoes in bins reduces the visual clutter in my closet. I keep one or two pairs in the entryway closet by the front door, and the rest in my closet.

Sweater and Pants Storage

The remaining shelves hold my pants and sweaters I don’t hang. During the spring and summer, I have fewer knit sweaters in my wardrobe. But during the fall and winter, I will have more sweaters I prefer to fold, not hang. During my minimalist closet makeover, I wanted to intentionally leave shelf space available to accommodate all seasons of my wardrobe.

I love that my closet has space so the shelves can be empty or hold one or two items. No more toppling a pile of shirts to get the one from the bottom!

Minimalist closet makeover - pants and sweaters
The top shelves hold my pants and sweaters.

Meditation Supplies

I decided to use the bottom shelves to hold my meditation cushion and blanket. I had been keeping my cushion on the floor in my room where I meditate. But I love having a place to tuck it away but still keep it easily accessible so I have fewer reasons to skip meditating in the morning!

It’s great that my closet has space to give me the flexibility to make it work for me. Having extra space allows me to use the storage space in a way that works for me and my life.

Minimalist closet makeover - meditation supplies
My meditation cushion and blanket are stored out of the way, but easily accessible on my closet shelves.

The drawers in between the shelves hold my workout clothes, bras and a few random items like shoe insoles and belts.

Minimalist closet makeover - shelves and drawers

Additional Storage

On the top shelf, I have one basket to hold my extra purses and tote bags. Another basket holds out of season and dressy shoes, as well as a couple of pairs that I didn’t include in this capsule.

Minimalist closet makeover - additional storage
Additional storage baskets in the top of my closet.
Minimalist closet makeover - additional storage
These baskets hold the few additional purses and tote bags I have. As well as my fancy and out of season shoes, and shoes not in my spring capsule.

Minimalist Closet Makeover – Before & After

After completing my minimalist closet makeover, my closet still has plenty of open space and breathing room. But adding a few personal touches has transformed my closet from simply a storage space to a space that has meaning and purpose for me.

Having reminders of the intentions I have set for my life, and showcasing meaningful items that bring me joy are great ways to use the space and celebrate the benefits of simplifying my life.

Closet before:

Closet after:

As I said before, I am not simplifying and minimizing just for the sake of having empty space in my closet (although empty space is a great thing!). I am minimizing and simplifying my life and my wardrobe to make my life better. I am choosing to have less in order to appreciate and value the things I keep more. Living with less allows me to create a home and life that works for me, not the other way around.

Since finishing my minimalist closet makeover, my closet completely embodies my goals for a life with less. Not only is getting dressed is easy and simplified. But my closet brings purpose and intention to my life. It reminds me the value and benefits of simplifying every time I open the door.

What do you think of my minimalist closet makeover? Has anyone else decorated their closet? I’d love to hear about it, make sure to leave me a comment below!

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Friday 9th of February 2018

I love the before and after pictures - that is quite amazing. Im trying to understand when preparing a capsule wardrobe, what to do with items not in season? For example jeans, boots, long sleeves and coats that aren't worn in summer (especially in Australia) Do you have a separate capsule for each season? Or one for all? It would make sense to only have available the clothes you need per season, so Im thinking the ones that aren't needed but are still part of a capsule, should be stored elsewhere. Am I on the right track?

Simple Lionheart Life

Saturday 10th of February 2018

Thanks, Sharyn! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, you are exactly right. I store out of season clothes in my dresser and a few items hanging in the spare bedroom closet. We live in a place with 4 very distinct seasons, so I put together a separate capsule for each season. There are a few pieces that I keep out all year. Mainly tanks and t-shirts I can wear alone in the summer or under a sweater in the cooler months. I find it less visually cluttered and easier to decide what to wear when I keep out of season clothes out of my closet until they are in season. The important thing is to make sure your wardrobe works for you. If you prefer only have in-season clothing in your closet, do that. If you aren't interested in storing out of season clothing elsewhere, keep it in your closet. Figure out what simplifies your life the most and do that! I hope this helps! Thanks for reading :)

Tiffany Alessi

Tuesday 10th of October 2017

Thank you for sending me the link to this article. I enjoyed reading it and I love the idea of putting a daily intention right there in your closet to remind you every morning of what kind of person you want to be. Organizing my closet is a project I've been wanting to do for more years than I'd like to admit, lol. I've drawn a lot of inspiration from this :)

Simple Lionheart Life

Tuesday 10th of October 2017

I'm so glad you enjoyed the post Tiffany and were inspired from it. I'm so happy to hear that! Thanks for checking it out :)

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Monday 29th of May 2017

I love your closet! Having a separate wardrobe of work clothes is prohibiting me a little but hopefully I can create something awesome like yours :)

Simple Lionheart Life

Monday 29th of May 2017

Thanks Katie! I'm glad you found it helpful. You could always make a work capsule and a more casual capsule to work better for your life. Good luck on your journey to simplify your closet, it really does make life so much easier! Thanks for reading :)


Tuesday 16th of May 2017

What a difference. It does look amazing!

Simple Lionheart Life

Tuesday 16th of May 2017

Thanks Natasha! I'm so happy with it. Who would've thought I'd ever be decorating my closet LOL! Or how happy it would make me :) Thanks for reading!

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