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Simple Living Ideas: 8 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Home Today

Simple Living Ideas: 8 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Home Today

Are you looking for some simple living ideas and ways you can start simplifying your home today? Then you’re in the right spot!

I’m sharing 8 easy ways you can start simplifying your home and your life today. Things that are easy to accomplish, but will make a big impact on the way your home looks, feels and functions.

All of these simple living ideas are great ways to jump-start your decluttering and simplifying efforts. Because when it comes to decluttering and simplifying, getting started is often the hardest part. Most times, once you get over the hurdle of getting started, it becomes a lot easier to keep going.

Use the simple living ideas in today’s post as great ways to get started decluttering and simplifying your home. And create a home that functions better and can be a place you enjoy spending time in!

Simple living ideas: 8 easy ways to simplify your home today

Simple Living Ideas: 8 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Home Today
Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

1. Have a place for everything

One of the best ways to simplify your home and life is having specific spots to keep everything in your home.

When everything has a specific place to keep it, it makes it easy to find things when you need them. And makes it easy to put things away when you’re done with them, helping to keep your home tidy and clutter-free.

The key is decluttering enough so that you can easily find spots to keep all the items you use, need and love. When you have too much stuff, it’s hard to find specific places to keep all the stuff. Plus, it often means your closets, cupboards, shelves, etc. are overfull. Making it hard to access your items and put them away.

Declutter thoroughly first. Then, designate specific spots for everything you’re keeping.

2. Clear the flat surfaces in your home

Flat surfaces often feel like clutter magnets. Stuff always seems to end up on the flat surfaces!

And the thing about clutter on flat surfaces is that clutter often attracts more clutter! The more stuff that’s on a flat surface, the more stuff tends to end up there. It’s almost like some stuff left on a flat surface subconsciously gives you permission to leave more stuff there. And before you know it, there are piles of clutter!

Even too much décor on flat surfaces can become a magnet for clutter to pile up.

Not only does clutter attract more clutter, but too much stuff on the flat surfaces can also make a space feel visually cluttered. Simplifying the flat surfaces in your home will simplify how the space looks and feels. Creating a tidier, more open, less busy space.

Plus, when you start with less stuff on your flat surfaces, it makes it easier to spot and notice what’s out of place so you can easily tidy up and put it away.

Focus on clearing off the flat surfaces in your home to make your home look, feel and function better. As well as prevent clutter from piling up or getting out of control.

Some key surfaces to work on might include the kitchen counters and table, nightstands, coffee table and side tables, dressers, entryway table, bathroom counters, etc. Simplify these flat surfaces and change the way the room looks, feels and functions.

3. Declutter the entryway

The entryway is the first space you see when you come into your home. Treat yourself to a space that feels peaceful, welcoming and enjoyable to come home to. Not cluttered, overwhelming or stressful!

The key to decluttering your entryway is setting up systems to make it function well for you. Notice what tends to clutter your entryway, then create homes and systems for those items so the space functions better.

For example, create places for all the things you need when you enter and leave your home. Things like keys, wallets, purses, coats, shoes, accessories, etc. Also notice if other items like paperwork, returns, school gear, etc. tend to pile up and brainstorm ways to manage those items so they don’t pile up and clutter the entryway.

4. Simplify what’s on your walls

Less décor on the walls can create a simpler, calmer and tidier-looking space. Giving your mind and eyes blank space to rest on. Too much wall décor can make a space look cluttered, busy or overwhelming.

Really assess what’s hanging on your walls and decide if you truly need or love all of it. Are there things you could take down to simplify the space?

Another way to approach it is by taking everything off your walls and living with the walls empty for a week or two. Then slowly and carefully add back items you truly love and enjoy hanging in your home. This gives your mind and eyes a chance to get used to less on the walls so you can be more selective about what goes back up.

5. Clear off the front of your fridge

Another great way to reduce visual clutter in your home is by clearing off the front of your fridge.

It’s easy to become clutter blind to the visual clutter a lot of stuff on the front of your fridge adds to your kitchen.

Start by taking everything off the front of your fridge and simply notice what a difference it makes to the look and feel of your kitchen.

Sort through what you took off, getting rid of anything you no longer need. Then be really selective about what (if anything!) you choose to hang on your fridge again. Or maybe consider hanging important things on the side of your fridge where they’ll be less visible to help simplify the look and feel of your kitchen.

6. Clean out the fridge and pantry

And while you’re working on your fridge, open it up and see what you can get rid of from inside the fridge too!

A clean and organized fridge is easier and more pleasant to use. Making cooking and using your kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Plus, it can save you money because you’ll likely waste less food and might even cook at home more!

Do the same with your pantry to simplify your life even more. Get rid of anything expired, gone bad or you know you won’t use. Take stock of what you have and organize the space so you know what you have and can easily find it when you need it.

7. Simplify your storage spaces

While not always an easy undertaking, simplifying your storage spaces can go a long way to simplify your home and life.

For example, when you clear the stuff you never use out of your storage space, you can free up space to store things you use, but only occasionally. Creating a spot for them in your storage area rather than taking up valuable real estate in your main living spaces.

Take your kitchen for example. If you have small appliances you only use occasionally, you might be able to keep them in your storage room rather than in your kitchen cupboards. You’ll free up space in your kitchen, making it easier to access and put away the things you use often.

Apply the same idea to things like toys using a toy rotation, clothes for kids to grow into or off-season clothing. It can also help with seasonal sports equipment, seasonal décor, extra bedding, etc.

The key is decluttering your storage spaces so you can store lesser-used items there. Helping to simplify and streamline your main living spaces.

8. Find 5 things to declutter from your closet

Another great way to simplify your home and life is by simplifying your wardrobe.

A good way to start decluttering your wardrobe is by finding 5 things to let go of. Finding 5 things usually doesn’t feel overwhelming or too difficult. It helps you get started and make progress clearing the clutter from your wardrobe.

If you repeat this process every week, you’ll simplify your wardrobe over time in only a few minutes at a time!

Simple living ideas – get started today!

I hope these simple living ideas will give you some ideas of ways you can start simplifying your home and your life today!

Small steps and actions add up over time. Aim to make consistent progress simplifying your home and you’ll notice a big difference in the way your home looks, feels and functions in no time!

What’s something you’re going to do today to simplify your home and life? Leave a comment and let me know what you feel inspired to tackle!

Simple Living Ideas: 8 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Home Today
Photo by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash

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Tuesday 30th of January 2024

My goal is to be free of unnecessary items. I enjoy the simplicity of open areas more than I ever imagined.

Simple Lionheart Life

Friday 9th of February 2024

That's a great goal! And I'm with you, I love to have open spaces in my home! Thanks for reading :)

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