How to Start a Gratitude Practice to Make your Life Better

How to start a gratitude practice to make your life better

I’ve always heard of the benefits of practicing gratitude but had yet to really try it for myself. But now that I have decided to start a gratitude practice, I can’t believe I waited this long to try it! I thought I was already positive “enough”. But early this fall I began noticing myself feeling negative a lot. I was getting irritated and annoyed easily by little things. And just found a lot of negativity and complaining showing up in my thought patterns. My own decision to start a gratitude practice I decided I had enough of getting sucked into […]

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How Minimalism Can Lead You to Find More Gratitude

How minimalism can lead you to find more gratitude

As I mentioned in my reasons to love minimalism post, embracing minimalism greatly increased my feelings of contentment and gratitude. The more I decluttered and embraced a life with less, the more gratitude and appreciation I felt for what was left filling my life. Both tangible and intangible things. As I let go of the excess from my life, I began to appreciate and feel grateful for everything that was left. Over time, I have realized minimalism has been one of the most important ways I’ve increased my feelings of gratitude. Minimalism helps us decide what is most important to us […]

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